Are you cleaning your beauty blender right? Here's 6 ways to make sure you're doing it properly.

Not very long ago, people would use their fingers to apply their base makeup. Sounds awful, right?

Rewind back to 2003, a time when the beauty blender or foundation egg revolutionized the way people apply makeup, moisturizer, and even powder.

The first pink teardrop design picked up a huge cult following pretty much overnight..

If you're like us then you love your beauty blender. We bet you probably also hate the hassle and stress required to keep it squeaky clean. Everyone knows that dabbing that dirty blender against your skin every day without washing or cleaning it is a pimple just waiting to happen. Luckily for you, we have several ways to make this chore a little easier.

1. Sanitize And Cleanse In The Microwave

You might have seen this cool trick already, but that's because it works so damn well. Make a simple mixture combining some soap, water, and heat, you can clean and sanitize a beauty blender all in one step here. The short video below shows just how it's done. Top tip: After removing from the microwave, be careful of the water temperature before taking the beauty blender out of that bowl. You don't want to get burned, that's not cool.

2. Face Wash

You know that cleanser you use to wash your face in the morning? Well, you can also double it up as a cleanser for a beauty blender. This method works best when you wash the beauty blender on a regular basis otherwise it can pick up a lot of muck. Take a look at this quick video below to see how ordinary face wash just melts away makeup on your favorite squishy tool!

3. Liquid Baby Shampoo

Although you don't need to rush out and buy baby shampoo to clean a beauty blender, it's another simple solution that works well, especially if you already have some laying around in the house. Baby shampoo is super soft and gentle, which means it's an ideal great choice for cleaning out your favorite sponge. Check out this short video to see how it transforms a grimy sponge into a thing of beauty.

4. Blender Cleaner - Specially Formulated

Having a dedicated cleanser just for your beauty blender makes sense. You won't use it up by mistake when washing your hair or face, and you'll know for sure that it's tried and tested, safe and effective. After you watch this quick video, you'll know exactly how it's done. And, as always, be sure to let the beauty blender air dry in an open environment (not a drawer), otherwise smelly things may happen, whew.

5. Olive Oil Conditioning

If you've watched our other videos here, you might be wondering why you should mix olive oil and dish soap together to clean a beauty blender, it sounds wrong..right? All the other ways work just fine, but this method has an extra perk. Products containing oil actually break down other oil-containing products, such as makeup. By combining olive oil with regular dish soap, you'll see that your beauty blender is even cleaner. Watch the video for a tip to make this approach less messy. As always, don't forget to rinse everything out thoroughly.

6. Pop it in the wash.

Another simple solution to cleanse your uncleansed blender is to simply pop it in the washing machine. Although you have to be really careful about the other clothes you're putting into the wash, especially white garments.