As of 8.15.2020

We are aware of the Shipping Delays that are currently taking place. Many of you have reached out to us regarding extensive delays in your order, as well as the inability to track your order. We are aware of these issues, and are working to get them fixed as quickly as possible.

We are in contact with some of our suppliers and warehouses in Asia, that does include China. They have told us that although they conditions are improving as we speak, there are still major delays in getting some orders shipped out due to the evolving pandemic. We will continue to be in communication with them, and bring you the latest information as it becomes available to us.

Our cancellation policy states that after your order has been processed, you are not able to cancel it.  However, due to the extreme circumstances we are all facing, we are allowing anyone who has experienced shipping delays (over one month) to cancel their order, and receive a full refund including any shipping charges you may have incurred. If you would like to wait for your order, we will have it shipped out as quick as possible. We do not have a good estimate of shipping estimates at this time, however you can expect a minimum of an additional 3-4 weeks.  Again, some orders may arrive sooner, others may take longer.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding shipping estimates for your order, you may reach out to our Customer Service team at  Given the high volume of messages we are receiving, please allow multiple days for a response from our team.