2-In-1 iPhone AirPod Case

$14.99 $24.99


The very first 2-in-1 iPhone AirPods Charging Case features a perfect blend of technology and intricate design!

Our iPhone AirPods case gives you the convenience of storing and protecting your AirPods and iPhone all in one case!  Plus, with a 3000 mAh Power Supply, your AirPods will always stay charged!

Our 2-In-1 iPhone AirPods Case features lightweight and high-strength design that protects your devices like no other.  This accessory will shield the phone and pods from drops and bumps. Plus, raised edges around the screen provide additional protection to your iPhone. 

  • AirPods + iPhone - storage system for your iPhone and AirPods!
  • Simple & Sophisticated - designed to suit everyone's busy lifestyles.  It's stylish yet simple look can let you bring this phone case from a business meeting to running everyday errands.
  • Protection - shielding phone and pods from scratches, dirt, oil and damage protection from accidental drops.  A transparent, magnetic door lock keeps your AirPods visible, safe and secure as well. 
  • Functional & Practical - Compact, light-weight and durable.  Made from high-quality silicone material, this 2-in-1 case is easy to keep clean!

Now available in multiple colors!

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